Prayer Movement

The Multi-Cultural & Multi-Ethnic Prayer Movement is sponsored by the Bilingual Christian Church and is meant to unify every race, culture, men and women of God in prayer, and to fight against Satan’s attacks in our lives, homes, ministries, governments, and nation. We are a body of believers who wants go deeper in prayer with the Lord. We believe that God is still a God of miracles and wonders, and that we can invoke his blessing and His presence in our communities through prayer. 

This multi-cultural & multi-ethnic force is committed to prayer and extravagant worship. It operates under the Spirit of love and seeks to release the oil of unity that will bring the body of Christ together to speak truth to power with wonders and signs. In addition to this, the prayer movement will be known for its acts of kindness, as it seeks to not only demonstrate the power of God, but also His love to a hurting and broken nation. 

We want you to join us, as a corporate body of believers, in seeking God’s favor and movement in our lands. Let us boldly take back in prayer what the enemy has stolen from us and invoke the presence of the Lord in our communities! 

Therefore the Prayer Movement’s covenant consists of four basics tenets:

Prayer and Extravagant Worship

Releases the Oil of Unity in Love

Followed by Signs and Wonders

Acts of Kindness

Want to Join the Prayer Movement?

To join the Prayer Movement you must enter into an agreement with these four principles, be willing to participate in future events whenever possible, join us in prayer, and fill the registration form. 

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