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“No Perfect People Allowed”

We are a fully multi-cultural functional local church with a worldwide ministry causing a spiritual awakening in people of all nations. 
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Now, more than ever our communities, cities, states, nations, and the world need to hear and see the ministry of the Lord of Jesus Christ through us.

Prayer Movement

This multi-cultural & multi-ethnic force is committed to prayer and extravagant worship.

Bishop Angel and Deborah Nunez

Hours Of Service

Thursday 7:30 PM (Bible Study)

Fridays 7:30 PM (Prayer)

Sunday 11:00 AM (Service)

We are here to serve you! If you wish to contact us, you can call our phone number or fill the contact form.

Let Me Live Again

We believe that this Documentary Film directed by Duda Penteado and produced by Unshakeable Productions will be a tool of reflection on important social issues. Ultimately, we hope that it will help on reducing the violence within our hurting community, not only in Baltimore but across the nation.

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