The Bilingual Christian Church (BCC) is a fully multi-cultural functional local church with a worldwide ministry causing a spiritual awakening in people of all nations.
We achieve our mission thru our RIDS program that consists in the following:


We believe that the best way to reach the hurting and broken in our community is to build relationships with them; thus relational Evangelism.


Is the act of allowing those who come to Christ to be involve in local ministry, thus becoming active and participating in something greater than themselves, this giving them a sense of value and self esteem.


Is the process of mentoring disciples to become all that God wants them to be. Personal attention is given to help believers become spiritually and personally mature.


After becoming a model of the love of Christ in the life of the believer, these disciples are encouraged to go out and put into practice that love in shared service to their local community, region, and nation.