Pastor Deborah Nunez Biography

Pastor Deborah A. Nunez is a third generation preacher’s kid. She is the daughter of  Bishop and Ana Martinez, a well known and respected couple all over the United States, Central, and South America.

Pastor Deborah is an ordained minister and has a Masters Degree in Theology and a Bachelor of Arts in Mental Health.  She has been pastoring the Bilingual Christian Church with her husband Bishop Angel L. Nunez for 27 years in the Baltimore region. She is actively involved in ministry, leads the Ministers of Fire, (a praise and worship group birth at Bilingual) and has a prophetic gifting that allows her to see things others are not able to see or perceive.

Those who know Pastor Deborah characterized her by her free spirit that inspires other women to live a life without limitations and empower them to enjoy the fullness of God.

Pastor Deborah enjoys giving, mentoring, and teaching, but her greatest joy is being a wife and mother. Deborah and her husband have three wonderful children; Angela, Israel, and Isaac.

Pastor Deborah Núñez