Covid-19 Resources

Vaccines save lives. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.

COVAX Outreach Hotline

We offer assistance with information about the COVID-19 vaccine, clinics, registration, arranging transportation to and from appointments and in-home appointments.

Civic Works COVAX Outreach Hotline
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Free Transportation for Vaccination Clinic

Get a Lyft code worth up to $25 for each ride to and from your vaccine site within Baltimore City for BOTH vaccines!

Call/Text 410-929-5448 for details

Baltimore City COVID-19 Dashboard

Check out Baltimore City’s latest COVID-19 data by visiting the Health Department Dashboard.

State of Maryland COVID-19 Information

Check out the state of Maryland’s vaccination strategies and latest data about COVID-19.

Did You Know?

Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Dispose of the used tissue immediately into a closed bin and wash your hands.

COVID vaccines are totally free, no insurance or documentation is required to get a vaccine.

You can still get COVID if you get the vaccine, but you are much less likely to get it and even less likely for it to be as serious an illness. It’s like wearing a seatbelt.

The vaccine uses mRNA, which teaches your body to safely build protection against COVID-19.