Biography of Angel L. Núñez, M.A., D. Div.

Bishop Angel L. Núñez was born in New York City.  His father abandoned the home before his birth and at the tender age of eight he had lost his mother to cancer.  This left him in the care of the government institutions and forced him to live from home to home.  But, God’s hand was always upon him and through divine intervention he was placed with a Christian family for a few years.  It was in this home where a lasting imprint of God’s love was deposited into his life.  Even after growing and succumbing to a life of violence and drugs, God’s seed of love bore salvation and healing to his broken heart.

The Bishop has been in ministry for over 34 years and is an Ordained Minister of the Bilingual Christian Fellowship and holds a Doctorate Degree in Divinity with a Masters in Theology.  As Senior Pastor of the Bilingual Christian Church of Baltimore for over 24 years, he still travels as an International Evangelist winning souls for Christ.  He has traveled to 26 countries carrying a prophetic mantle and challenging word to the church to rise up and fulfill her destiny in Christ.  Bishop Núñez provides an apostolic oversight to ministries, both domestic and abroad, giving instruction, direction and training to pastors and leaders, equipping them to effectually serve the body of Christ.

In this season of his life, he is sensing a pull to speak out about social injustices and also to bring the church into unity cross culturally by breaking down the ethnicity barriers.

Bishop Núñez is married to Deborah and has five beautiful children and four grandchildren.

Bishop Dr. Angel L. Núñez Credentials

Bishop Angel Nunez has received the following Certificates of Ordinations and completion:

  • Certificate of Ordination: Bilingual Christian Fellowship, 1993

  • Certificate of Doctoral of Divinity: Southern Baptist School of Biblical Studies, 2001
  • Ordination of Bishop: September 25, 2010

Bishop Angel L. Núñez